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Perennial - Hemerocallis (Daylilies)
Hemerocallis 'Pardon Me'
Hemerocallis (Daylilies)
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Plant Name & Description
Hemerocallis (Daylilies)
The Stout Medal is the highest award received by daylilies from the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS). Also noted are AHS Honorable Mention (HM), Award of Merit (AM) and the Lenington All American recipients. The Lenington All American Award is awarded to a daylily that performs well throughout the US. * Refers to tetraploid.
Hemerocallis Collections
Reblooming Daylily Collection - Small Flowering
Ten each of our best ten small flowering, reblooming Daylilies (100 plants total) including; 'Big Time Happy', 'Carefree Peach', Happy Returns, 'Lemon Lollipop', 'Grape Magic', 'Louise Manelis', 'Minnie Pearl', 'Mini Stella',  'Pardon Me', and 'Siloam Nugget.
Reblooming Daylily Collection - Large Flowering
Ten each of our best five large flowering, reblooming Daylilies (50 plants total) including; 'Bodacious Returns', 'Chicago Gold Strike', 'Demetrius', 'Fairy Tale Pink', and 'Red Volunteer',.
Golds and Yellows
‘Baby Stella'
Yellow flowers that are larger than H. 'Stella d'Oro',  but 8" tall.  Other than H. 'Bodacious Returns' H. 'Baby Stella' is the only other Daylily that everblooms.  It produces flowers continually from June to October.
‘Big Time Happy’
This hybrid from the very popular ‘Happy Returns' has 4", light lemon-yellow, fragrant flowers above clean foliage. Good rebloomer. 30”, Mid-rebloom.
‘Bodacious Returns’ 7” Large, ruffled, diamond dusted gold that outblooms Stella de Oro. In fact, it is the best rebloomer we have ever grown here. 18”. Summer to frost.
‘Buttered Popcorn'
Buttery-yellow-gold 3" fragrant flowers.  One of the best large reblooming flowering Daylily.  Tetrploid.  Full sun-partial shade.  Midsummer - rebloomer.  32".
‘Chicago Gold Strike’
Very large, bright deep gold. The very dependable rebloom follows directly after the first scapes are done, making it a superb choice for landscaping. Flower size 7”, Ht. 26-32”, Mid-rebloom.
 Outstanding 5" deep golden double blooms with ruffled edges.  Ht. 20". Full sun.  Summer.
 Very fragrant, light yellow with a darker yellow along the very cleanly ruffled edges. Wonderful compact form. Great where it can be appreciated up close. Our best yellow for quality of flower, fragrance form and mass of bloom. Flower size 6”, 20”, Mid - rebloom.
‘Eenie Weenie’
True miniature lemon yellow with dependable rebloom and clean foliage. 1980 AHS HM. Flower size 2 1/4”, Ht.10”, Midseason - rebloom.
‘Fragrant Returns'
Similar to H. 'Happy Returns' with a strong sweet fragrance.  3 1/4" light creamy lemon yellow with nicely overlapping petals that are lightly ruffled.  Reblooms as well if not better than 'H. 'Happy Returns'.  18-20"  Summer.  Full sun.
‘Happy Returns’
2 3/4” Everblooming lemon-yellow. Reblooms as well, if not better, than ‘Stella de Oro’. 1992 Honorable Mention. 20”, Early summer - frost.
Fragrant lemon yellow. An old favorite still in high demand. Flower size 5”, Ht. 36 - 44”, Midseason.
‘Lemon Custard’
3” Ruffled and creped lemon-yellow flowers that are deliciously fragrant.  18-24".  Early-Midseason.  Reblooms.


‘Lemon Lollipop’
3” Ruffled and creped lemon-yellow flowers that are deliciously fragrant. Reblooms better than Stella. Best described as fragrant Happy Returns with a creped flower that blooms well above the foliage. 1990 Honorable Mention. 1994 Ernest Plouf Fragrance Award. 30”, Early-rebloom.
‘Mary Todd’
Slightly ruffled lemon yellow. 1978 Stout Medal. Flower size 6”, Ht. 24 - 26”, Early – rebloom.
‘Mini Stella’
Smaller, rounder blossoms than Stella, and more yellow. Fine grass-like foliage makes a superb groundcover. Flower size 2”, Ht. 12”, June – frost.
'On Top'  True miniature Daylily reaching a mature height of only 6 inches.  3" Golden flowers are larger than Stella de Oro but on much shorter stems.  6".  Midseason-rebloomer.
'Rumbleset Romance'
Fragrant, 4 1/2" ruffled and creped, yellow flowers with a dark burgundy eyezone.  Very striking.  22".  Midseason.

‘Siloam Nugget’
Excellent reblooming, ruffled and creped gold with overlapping petals. Very different because of the trumpet form of the flowers. The rebloom follows directly after the first scapes are done, making it a superb choice for landscaping. Flower size 5”, Ht. 20 - 24”, Mid – rebloom.

‘Stella d'Oro’ 2 1/4" dwarf golden-yellow. 1985 Stout Medal Winner.  24". Early-rebloom.

‘Stella Supreme'
PPAF 3" cream-light yellow, loosely ruffled flowers with a deeper yellow eyezone.  Reblooms as well if not better than H. 'Stella d'Oro'.  20". Early. Rebloomer.

‘Yellow Lollipop’
Golden-yellow. Reblooms like ‘Stella de Oro’, but is shorter, slightly lighter in color, has larger flowers and continues to bloom when Stella goes into a rest period in July. Recipient of the 1986 Sunshine Cup! Looks like Stella’s been licked. Flower size 3 1/4”, Ht. 24”, Early summer–frost.

Pinks and Lavenders
'Barbara Mitchell’
Huge, 6 1/2", heavily substanced, perfectly formed, elegantly ruffled and rounded flowers of diamond-dusted, deep-pink. Many awards, including top of the popularity poll for many years. 24 - 30”, Midseason - Rebloom.
‘Catherine Woodbury’
Lavender-pink. 1970 Honorable Mention. Flower size 6”, Ht. 26 - 30”, Midseason.
'Chorus Line'
3 1/2" ruffled, fragrant, medium-pink with a rose halo and green throat.  Multiple award winner including, Ernest Plouf fragrance award, Annie T. Giles Award for outstanding small flower, and the 2004 All-American Award in the exhibition category.  20". Early-rebloom.
* ‘Corryton Pink’
Large pure pink. Our most pink Hemerocallis. Flower size 6 1/2”, 30-34”, Early - midseason.
‘Fairy Tale Pink’
Nicely ruffled, light salmon pink with a gold to green throat. Heavy substance. No. 1 on Hemerocallis Popularity Poll for many years. 1990 Stout Medal! Flower size 5 1/2”, Ht. 22 - 26”, Mid – rebloom.
‘Final Touch'
5", Deep pink flowers with yellow centers on 3' scapes.  Rich green foliage. Late summer-rebloom.
‘Janice Brown'
4 1/4" Nicely ruffled light pink with a large deep pink eyezone.  Vigorous gr  wer with good branching and bud count.  Recipient of many awards including the highest award bestowed upon Daylilies, the Stout Silver Medal.  All this and a dependable rebloom.  21", Early - midseason - rebloom. 
‘Little Business'
Small flowered raspberry-rose flowers with chartreuse throat and darker veining.  Good rebloom.  Attracts butterflies.  1-1.5'.  Midsummer.  Sun-partial shade.
‘Lullaby Baby'
4" blush-pink with neatly ruffled edges.  1998 All-American Award in the exhibition category.  22".  Early-midseason-rebloom.
‘Minnie Pearl’ Good reblooming, lightly ruffled, blush melon pink. Quickly gaining in popularity. 16-20", Early-rebloom.
'New Quest'
2 1/2" Light pink, picotee type with large ruby eye-zone and ruby ruffled edges.  A real knockout.  30".  Midseason-rebloom.
‘Rosy Returns' PP9779
4" Rose-pink flowers blending to a deep rose eyezone and yellow throat.  Good rebloomer.  High bud count.  14", Midseason - rebloom.
Bright salmon pink. An old favorite still in high demand that has stood the test of time. Flower size 5”, Ht. 28”, Mid - rebloom.
'‘Strawberry Candy’
5" Light pink flowers with wonderfully contrasting reddish-pink eyezones and edging. Recipient of numerous awards including the 1998 Stout Medal, the highest award bestowed upon Daylilies. Bloom Ht. 26”, Early to midseason.
*Chicago Arnie's Chocie'  6" large violet-purple with a yellow throat.  28".  Mid-late summer.
‘Grape Magic'
4", Purple-grape flowers with a deep purple eye zone and yellow throat.  Flowers similar to Little Grapette but much larger on a shorter plant.  Rebloomer.  20". Late summer.
‘Little Grapette’
Nicely ruffled, clean purple with a yellow throat. 1989 Lenington All American Award. Flower size 6”, Ht. 26-32”, Mid-rebloom.
'Purple d'Oro'
3" Reddish-purple flowers with a yellow throat.  Good rebloom.  18-24".
*‘Strutters Ball'
6" Rich deep purple on nicely branched stems with a good bud count.  Highly rated.  28", Midseason. 
'Summer Wine’
5" Purple-red on clean foliage.  30". Midseason.
'Wayside King Royal'
6" Rich Deep purple with a vibrant yellow throat and slightly ruffled edges.  Fragrant beauty that, along with H. 'Strutters Ball', is one of our best purples.  36". Mid-season.
'Wineberry Candy'
5" fragrant, very ruffled lavender-orchid colored with a purple eyezone and a green throat.  This daylily has an extended bloom period.  Ernest Plant Award 1998.  Attracts butterflies.  28".  Early-midseason.
'American Revolution'
Very bold, large velvety dark red-black trumpet shaped flowers with a yellow-green throat.  24-28".  Midseason.  Rebloomer.
* ‘Chicago Apache’
Red with slightly ruffled petals of good velvety substance. Flower size 6”, Ht. 24 - 30”, Midseason.
'Night Embers'
Large 5' double dark cherry-red blooms with a striking delicate white edge, on green foliage.  Tetraploid.  30".  Early-midseason.
‘Pardon Me’
Renowned as one of, if not, the best red for length of bloom. Deep red, blooms of good substance, with a chartreuse throat. Flower size 2 3/4”, Ht. 28”, Mid – rebloom.
* ‘Red Volunteer’
Deep, bright red. Very rich color, profuse bloomer and great grower. 1994 Award of Merit. 2005 All-American winner! Pictured on the cover of the 4/1/03 American Nurseryman. Flower size 7”, Ht. 30 - 36”, Midseason.
'Ruby Stella' PPAF
3", Ruby-red with yellow throat.  20".  Midseason-rebloom.
'Creative Art'
6" large, flat opening, ruffled, cream-light-yellow, diamond dusted flowers of very thick substance.  Developed by Charles Pierce, who also gave us such beauties as H. 'Barbara Mitchell' and H. 'Fairy Tale Pink'.  In fact, it is probably best described as a 'Barbara Mitchell' in a cream color.  24". Midseason.
‘Ice Carnival’
Very light yellow. Flower size 5”, Ht. 30”, Midseason.
'New Falling Stars'
From Roy Klehm comes this wonderfully 6" ruffled, diamond dusted, near white overlapping petals.  Good foliage and more hardy than 'Joan Senior' or 'Gentle Shepard.  30", Midseason.
Other Tones
‘Carefree Peach’
Peach with a darker peach eyezone and nicely recurved, overlapping petals. Excellent rebloomer. Flower size 3”, Ht. 27”.
‘Cocktail Party'
Vibrant, lavender cream bicolor with a large green to yellow throat.  36-44". Rebloomer.
‘Dream Souffle'
This is the first double flowered daylily to receive the All American Daylily Award.  Elegant, fluffy, ruffled edged double flowers of rosy-pink blended with cream and flushed yellow centers.  Foliage is deep green and rust resistant.  Great rebloomer.  24-30".  Mid-late summer. Cutflower.
‘Louise Manelis’  N/A  2015
3 1/2” Creped, ruffled peach-apricot blooms are borne in great profusion over a long period. Reblooms as well as ‘Stella de Oro’. Ht. 16 - 20”, Early – rebloom.
‘Pandora's Box'
Fragrant, light creamy-white flowers with a wonderfully contrasting deep purple eye zone and yellow throat.  19".  Early-Midseason-rebloom.  Full sun.
*‘Ruffled Apricot’
Apricot with a pink midrib. 1982 Stout Medal Winner. Flower size 7”, Ht. 28 - 36”, Midseason.
‘Siloam June Bug’
Gold with maroon eye zone. Better rebloom than black-eyed Stella and far prettier. 1981 AHS Honorable Mention and 1982 Don Fischer Memorial Award. Flower 2 3/4”, Ht. 24 - 28”, Early– rebloom.

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